Mission Statement

“To develop successful, well-rounded golfers from the visayas-Mindanao region of the Philippines by providing educational assistance, training in social skills, and playing opportunities to candidates showing exceptional golfing ability.”



Frankie Meñoza, the Philippines’ premier golfer, rose from a mere amateur to a successful world-class professional golfer mostly through his own efforts.  Wishing to replicate his success, he decided to set up Frankie Meñoza Golf Foundation to enable exceptionally talented golfers from the Visayas-Mindanao region to compete in the bigger field.

The purpose of the foundation is to seek, identify and assist talented individuals from Visayas and Mindanao in the sport of golf and to provide them educational assistance, social skills and playing opportunities in the hope that they too, may have an opportunity to become world-class golfers.

The foundation would like to invite willing private entities and individuals to establish and sustain the Foundation.

  1. Golf
  2. Education
  3. Golf oriented social skills


The Program

The objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. To uplift individuals who show a natural ability to excel in the sport of golf.
  2. To ensure that participants/beneficiaries in the program attend an appropriate primary/secondary/vocational/collegiate institution that offers a well rounded education.
  3. To develop each participant’s/beneficiary’s golf skills including the ability to compete in major competetions.
  4. To develop the whole person (e.g. leadership, social skills, community service and the like)


Criteria of Participant/Beneficiary

  1. He/She must be resident of Visayas-Mindanao
  2. Has a handicap of 8 or less for boys, 10 or less for girls
  3. He/she should pass the interview by the Board or its designated representative
  4. He/she must be prepared to be an ambassador of goodwill of the Foundation



The Foundation will cover the following costs of each participant/beneficiary:

  1. Plane fares, tournament fees, tournament/travel incidental expenses for all major tournaments
  2. Coaching expenses in training
  3. Cost of driving range practice
  4. Golf gloves, balls, tees, and possible equipment if budget will allow
  5. Golf shoes: 1 pair/year
  6. Golf shirts: 1 shirt per quarter


Evaluation Process

There will be a continuous assessment of all participant/beneficiary throughout the calendar year with emphasis on performance and passing evaluations relative to conduct and character as determined be the evaluating committee and approval of the Board.

It is the responsibility of each participant/beneficiary to submit to the evaluating committee or its assignee the following:

  1. Scores of all designated practice grounds
  2. Scores of all tournaments  (date, golf course)
  3. Update of handicap as certified by the golf club
Failure to submit any of the above will be subject to disciplinary action (see Code of Conduct).  The Board of Directors will have the final decision regarding termination of participant/benificiary.  The board’s decision is final and is not obliged to provide any further reason of such termination.


Selection Process

Entry into the Foundation program is by invitation only.

The board will have the final decision regarding the selection of participants/beneficiaries.  The Board is under no obligation to provide further reasons for the selection of such participants/beneficiaries.  The Board’s decision is final and binding and not not applicable.

NOTE:  The foundation is not answerable to any medical costs that maybe incurred by any participants/beneficiaries in the course of the whole program.



  1. It is recommended that participants/beneficiaries stay in their present schools.  No home schooling is permitted.  Education related to sports development is highly recommended for those who are inclined to vocational/collegiate levels(e.g. B.S. Kenetics, Physical Education and the like).  The Foundation will communicate directly with the school as well as communicate with parents about academic affairs.
  2. The participants/beneficiaries must report to the Foundation management on a regular basis on their academic marks or grades.  These grades must improve on year.
  3. The Board will determine the continuation of the participants’/beneficiary’s benefits relative to his/her standing in schooling and his her performance in golf activities. (See Code of Conduct)


Golf Coaching

The golf coach will be assigned by the Foundation management.  The Coach will submit to management regular reports on the activities done and its subsequent remarks.  Each participants/beneficiary must show continuous dedication, commitment and improvement throughout the year in order to maintain support by the Foundation the following year.


Code of Conduct

Golf is a heavy sport that requires high standards of behavior and sportsmanship and relies heavily on Honesty, Integrity and Self Regulation.  While society in general may have adjusted towards a less rigid approach to discipline, manners and etiquette, the Foundation believes strongly that its participants/beneficiaries should strive to set an example to their peers and should at all times show utmost respect towards themselves, fellow golfers, and the Foundation the represent.

Being a participant/beneficiary is a privilege which comes with responsibility and is available only to a select few; they are therefore expected to bear this in their minds when considering their approach both in the golf course and their day to day life.

The following conduct, both on and off the course will not be acceptable or tolerated at anytime:

  1. Smoking is strictly prohibited to all participants/beneficiaries
  2. Drinking of alcohol while representing the Foundation
  3. Partaking or distribution of prohibited drugs
  4. The use of offensive language
  5. Throwing of clubs or the abuse of golfing equipment
  6. Conduct which may offend the etiquette or the rules of golf as laid by the Royal and Ancient Golf of St. Andrews
  7. Any other behavior or act which may be offensive to acceptable social protocol


Disciplinary Action

A participant/beneficiary will be informed in writing of any alleged transgression of the Code of Conduct and will be given appropriate time to respond ti such allegation and to rectify his/her behavior.  Should the behavior not improve, the participant/beneficiary will be informed in writing of the Management’s course of action which could include suspension or termination of benefits.  The Board will have the final decision regarding termination.  The Board is in under no obligation to provide further reasons of termination or enter into discussion with affected parties.  The process is final and binding and not appealable.


Community Service

It is envisioned and encouraged that the participants/beneficiaries are involved in outreach programs in the community such as volunteer work, or coaching other junior golfers in the community.  Volunteer work related to golf course maintenance is one way of community service.  This however will be done in cooperation with the Golf Clubs where the Foundation is affiliated with.



The Educational, the Golf Program, the Social Skills program  are designed to develop a well rounded yet competitive individual who are during his/her time on the whole program of the Foundation be encouraged to play competitive golf and also participate positively within his/her community.




More Information...

Banny Abaño Topped The ICSTI /PGT Qualifying Rounds Held Last Feb.15-19,2012 At TAT

PILIPINAS Golf and Country Club in San Pedro, Laguna. After the PAL Interclub tournament in Davao which will be held on Feb. 22-25,2012, Banny will register as a touring PRO and will join the ICTSI tour for 2012. He will be the first beneficiary to become professional.


Macau Amateur Open

Samsung Amateur Open Tournament

Banny Abaño finished 1st runner-up in the Samsung Amateur Open Championship Division held in Malarayat Country Club last Oct. 21-22, 2011. About 150 young golfers participated in the tournament, which is one of the major tournaments for amateurs in the Philippines. The Foundation and the Del Monte Golf Club co-sponsored the participation of Banny Abaño,… read more »


FMGF Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Last May 2013, the FMGF, led by its Founder/Chairman Frankie Miñoza himself with his directors and beneficiaries, Del Monte Regular, Seniors,Ladies team member volunteers,& caddies, embarked on a weeklong tree planting project with Del Monte Golf Club at the Del Monte Golf course to replace felled trees caused by Typhoon Pablo. Some 300 ornamental trees… read more »


fmgolffoundation follow through players

Frankie Follows Through

“Frankie Follows Through” an article written by Chupsie Medina for Inquirer Golf Magazine September 2011 issue. “Follow  Through” is the foundation’s tagline, a clarion call to lovers of golf who believe that the next world golf great should be a Filipino.   image taken  from the Inquirer Golf Magazine   FRANKIE’s giving back.  With the… read more »


Macau Amateur Open

Macau Amateur Open

Banny Abaño finished 1st runner -up again in the Macau Amateur Open held in the Macau Golf and Country Club last December 14-15, 2012. It was his first exposure to international competition with about 120 participants. Ramir Roque, another beneficiary, also participated in the tournament. Major amateur tournaments are the best venue for exposure of… read more »


Yolanda Relief

Yolanda Relief

Frankie Miñoza Golf Foundation represented by Pili Sison and Eva Miñoza donates cash and relief goods to Yolanda typhoon victims through Sagip Kapamilya of ABSCBN in Cagayan de Oro . (Nov.12, 2013)


Frankie Miñoza Golf Foundation New Beneficiaries

New Beneficiaries

MARCH 2013 The Frankie Miñoza Golf Foundation accepts new beneficiaries on its roll. With two beneficiaries graduated to professional status and four others for qualifying(for pro status), the FMGF majority board after deliberations and collegial decision accepted three young golfers namely, Jay Gamolo, Pam Mariano, and Jett Sajulga for the development program. The FMGF beneficiaries:… read more »


fmgolffoundation helps flood victims

Foundation Helps Typhoon Sendong Victims

Classes for the beneficiaries were suspended on Dec. 21-22 to attend to Typhoon Sendong victims. Together with other Del Monte golfers, they collected used clothes and gathered drinking water in bottles to give to the typhoon victims in Cagayan de Oro. In cooperation with Gingoog City-based Zabdiel Foundation, the Frankie Miñoza Foundation donated kitchen utensils,… read more »


mangrove tree planting project

Values Formation Seminar

The Frankie Miñoza Golf Foundation sent Banny Abaño, Noel Langgamin, Magno Arancon, and Jovencio Lusterio to a Values Formation Seminar in Gingoog, Misamis Oriental last Nov. 20-21,2011 as part of its social skills development program. The workshop was sponsored by a church-affiliated organization and comprised of interactive sessions among youths aged 17 and above. A mangrove… read more »


regular fitness training

Fitness Program

Aside from swing technique enhancement exercises in the driving range and in the fairway, the trainees/beneficiaries undergo regular fitness training for strength and flexibility.